Contemporary jewellery solutions for audiology, anxiety, ADHD, anti-loss and sensory needs.

Whether you are a hearing aid wearer, have anxiety, are on the autistic spectrum, have ADHD, Sensory Processing Disorder, Misophonia, have faced trauma, are a parent, a musician, attend live events or simply rely on having your Loop Earplugs, hearing aids or earphones close to hand, Purple Heart have a design for you.

Our beautiful and contemporary jewellery helps to prevent loss of earplugs, hearing aids and headphones, reduce symptoms of anxiety and fulfil sensory needs.

Our mission is to help build confidence of those who wear earplugs, hearing aids and ear devices!

Between our five collections comprimising of earrings, rings and necklaces, you will be sure to find a product to fit your individual needs.

  • What Our Customers Say

    "Earrings are so cute and SO lightweight- even with my loop ear plugs attached, I can barely feel them in my ear. Love them!"

    "Amazing product! used them all weekend on my holiday they are so comfy and light weight to use."

    "Absolutely love these!!! Lightweight enough not to trigger my sensory issues and help me keep my loops where I need them! Perfect for ADHD/Autistic"

    "Love these and can't wait to use them when I'm in town! The part that goes through your ear is a little thicker than normal so if you're forget to wear earrings then you might need to get used to them gradually."

    "This item came so fast! Especially with it coming from across the ocean! This item was exactly as I expected and is GORGEOUS! You will not regret buying this item!"

    "Absolutely love my earrings . Exactly what I needed got them for a wedding."