Inclusive Jewellery for Hearing Loss & Hearing Protection

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Introducing our dopamine necklaces! Keep your earplugs, hearing aids, and earbuds close with style and a touch of happiness. Elevate your mood and your look - shop now and spread the dopamine love!


Necklaces to keep your devices safe

Our handmade EarLink Necklaces & Chains are designed to promote inclusivity, help you to feel confident and to keep your Earplugs, Earbuds and Hearing Aids safe from loss. Compatible with: BTE Hearing Aids, Earbuds, Loop Earplugs, Ropone, Bet Slumbur, Eargasm and Flare, our designs are loved worldwide and are a perfect jewellery addition.

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Our Fight Against Hearing Loss Stigma with Hearing Aid UK

The social and emotional barriers associated with hearing impairment can lead to feelings of isolation and exclusion. There is a newfound hope for reducing the stigma of hearing loss and promoting inclusivity.

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