Our Story

Purple Heart Design is a partnership business run by SJ and Matt, founded by SJ in 2022 after losing confidence in herself when she realised there were issues with her hearing. SJ is dependant on a combination of Earplugs for sensory processing issues and hearing aids for 30% hearing loss. 
" I wore earplugs to help with sensory processing but could never find them when I needed them and this left me feeling burnt out and over stimulated, I lost 3 pairs in a month! I later got diagnosed with hearing loss and need to wear hearing aids. I was afraid of the stigma associated with hearing aids and felt really let down about the styles which were available. My confidence was shot and I needed to find a solution to help me feel comfortable with wearing them as they were now part of my everyday life."
SJ soon set to work on designing functional, contemporary and beautiful jewellery that would give wearers the ability to accessorize their ear devices, feel confident and ensure their ears are protected when needed. 
Each piece of jewellery is handmade by SJ with passion and created to be aimed to aid the individual without interference to their devices and is sold and worn world wide!